Robert Roulston, my Husband, and His Scholarship

     Robert Roulston, who received his BA at the University of Maryland in 1954, his MA at Indiana University in 1957, and his PhD at the University of Maryland in 1965, is a retired professor of English at Murray State.



Articles on F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Articles on other Authors.


Roulston, Robert. "Eden and the Lotus Eaters: A Critical Study of the South Sea Island Writings of Frederick O’Brien, James Norman Hall, and Robert Dean Frisbie." Diss. U of MD, 1965.
      In this study, after surveying a number of American authors writing about Polynesia, he analyzes the works of the above twentieth-century American authors, who also wrote about Polynesia.


Roulston, Robert. James Norman Hall. Boston: G. K. Hall, 1978.

     In this book, he expands his study of James Norman Hall to include the non-Polynesian writings and the collaborative efforts with Charles Nordhoff, resulting in many works, most importantly the Bounty Trilogy.

Roulston, Robert, and Helen. The Winding Road to West Egg: The Artistic Development of F. Scott Fitzgerald.. Lewisburg, PA: Bucknell UP/Associated UP, 1995.

     In this book, we examine ways in which Fitzgerald's early writings--plays, short stories, and novels--do or do not anticipate The Great Gatsby. We also include a short epilogue concerned with Fitzgerald's post-Gatsby works.

     Reviewed by Todd Stebbins of William Penn College in The F. Scott Fitzgerald Society Newsletter Dec. 1996: 12-14.

     This is "a work that does a good job with some close readings of the stories leading up to The Great Gatsby, pointing to themes, characters, plots, and--most insightful--the writing style that Fitzgerald developed as he evolved from aspiring 'greatest writer' to the brilliant technician of popular stories and on to the artist who so successfully controls his material in The Great Gatsby" (13-14).
      "What this book does offer is acute observations about several important things: Fitzgerald's literary influences, the role of autobiography in his work, several of his stories and novels (especially The Great Gatsby up to 1925), and the real magic of Fitzgerald's prose--his style" (14).

Articles on F. Scott Fitzgerald

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[This is a chapter from the above book, The Winding Road to West Egg: The Artistic Development of F. Scott Fitzgerald.]

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[This is a chapter from the above book, The Winding Road to West Egg: The Artistic Development of F. Scott Fitzgerald.]

Articles on other Authors

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